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Publications - OSSIX related

Publications - OSSIX related (11)

Scientific Publications - OSSIX® and OSSIX® PLUS
Numerous peer-reviewed publications have been published during the last decade on the OSSIX® line of dental membranes (OSSIX® and OSSIX® PLUS) since launch in 2001.

Selected relevant published scientific literature, including data on biocompatibility and efficacy are presented below.

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Recent Publications

Recent Publications (1)

Welcome to our recent publications archive. Selected relevant clinical academic publications are presented here.

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Yuval Zubery, Arie Goldlust, Thomas Bayer, Shane Woods, Nicolette Jackson, W. Aubrey Soskolne

Poster presented at the American Acadamy of Periodontology 2016 - AAP San Diego, 11-13 September 2016 

<img src="images/zubery_et_al_small.jpg" width="590" height="295" alt="Zubery et al Alveolar Ridge Augmentation and Ossification AAP 2016 Poster" title="Alveolar Ridge Augmentation and Ossification of Thick vs. Thin Sugar Cross-linked Collagen Membranes In a Canine L-shape Defect Model" />

How to Prevent Dental Implant Failure

The majority of dental implants are successful. Anywhere between 95-98% of patients receive the full desired result with no major complications. But what about the ones that fail? What can we do to help those patients?It all comes down to performing due diligence, both with patient selection and surgical planning.

This literature review summarizes biocompatibility and efficacy data reported in over 100 publications of scientific literature on the OSSIX® line of dental membranes (OSSIX® and OSSIX® PLUS) since launching in 2001. OSSIX® VOLUMAX, the newest OSSIX dental product, also utilizes the same renown GLYMATRIX® technology. 

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Datum Dental Ltd is a subsidiary company of Datum Biotech. The Company was created in order to develop, manufacture and market a full line of dental biomaterials for tissue and bone regeneration.

Datum Biotech Ltd is an Israeli based Biomaterials company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and commercializing proprietary technologies, which are based on innovative and unique sugar cross-linked collagen products for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
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